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Treatment and Recovery

Typical ailments treated in physical therapy include:

  • Low back and neck pain due to strain, sprain, disc disease
  • Shoulder pain due to injury, chronic strain or repetitive stress injuries
  • Hip pain due to degeneration or surgery
  • Knee pain due to injury, injury or osteoarthritis
  • Ankle and/or lower leg and foot pain due to injury, repetitive stress and functional deficits
  • Weakness due to multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsyand debilitating conditions
  • Neurological impairments associated with stroke, spinal cord injury, closed head injury
  • Recovery following surgery, such as with total hip replacement, total knee replacement, back surgery, shoulder surgery
  • Loss of mobility or sensory loss
  • Balance and fall prevention

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is the use of water and exercise to promote functional improvement. Patients can move and change positions easily in the water without the increased resistance of gravity, yet water allows resistance to be added or subtracted as needed. Movements are less painful in the water due to buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure can aid in relieving joint pain and swelling.

Patients who can benefit from aquatic therapy include patients with:

  • Joint pain
  • Generalized weakness
  • Balance impairments
  • Neurological impairment

Please ask your doctor if you are interested in utilizing aquatic therapy for your rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy offers skilled treatment to assist patients in achieving independence in activities of daily living by working on motor function of the hands/wrists. Therapists can also address issues with cognition, problem-solving and processing skills after any neurological event.

Those that may need OT may include:

  • People with work related injuries
  • Stroke victims
  • People with spinal cord injuries

Speech Therapy

Those who may require the services of a speech therapist are patients who have difficulty communicating as a result of stroke, head injury, and various disease processes, including difficulty with swallowing. Patients receive one-on-one treatment in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Speech therapy services can provide great confidence and self worth in patients. Strong family support is encouraged.

Sometimes, you may have the need to have physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy at the same time to treat your condition. We are happy to schedule your needs accordingly, so that you will receive the greatest benefit!