Specialty Services

Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiology

The Heart Center at Western Plains offers state-of-the-art interventional cardiac services along with diagnostics and peripheral vascular catherization procedures.

Emergency & Trauma Services

Equipped with modern life-support equipment, the emergency department is staffed 24-hours a day by a physician and experienced registered nurses trained to provide emergency care. Various physician-specialists remain on-call and ready to provide necssary care for critically ill or injured patients.

Intensive Care Services

Designed to give the ultimate care required for critically ill or injured patients, the Intensive Care Unit is equipped with sophisticated individual monitoring equipment. Nursing personnel are trained to deal with problems unique to the acutely ill patient, and to communicate with concerned family and friends.

Level II Nursery

A nursery for newborns who require a more advanced level of specialized care, the Level II Nursery is staffed by professionals who are experts in providing any care required.

Obstetrical Services

The labor-delivery-recovery birthing area has an expert caring staff who provide individualized care in a home-like atmosphere. The nurses provide excellent baby care, teaching new parents to care for their newborn after discharge. Free childbirth classes are offered as part of the Baby Steps Program.

Outpatient Services

Although Western Plains Medical Complex offers comprehensive acute inpatient care, many programs and services such as physical therapy, EEG, sleep studies, aquatic therapy, respiratory testing and treatments, and dietary counseliing are also available on an outpatient basis.

Social Services

Social Services assists with the social, emotional, financial and physical needs caused by (or associated with) illness. Working closely with the doctors, nurses and other members of the hospital team, the social worker provides for the patient's ongoing needs.

Surgical Services

Many surgical options are available at Western Plains Medical Complex, including inpatient and outpatient procedures. Surgical units are equipped and staffed to enable physicians to perform technically advanced surgeries using lasers, scopes and other state-of-the-art instruments.