Cathy Cox receives the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses

February 26, 2020

Meet Cathy (Flowers) Cox. Western Plains named Cathy the recipient for the DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses. She has passion and compassion for patients; establishes a connection with them, as well as trust; has admirable affirmation; is quick to learn; and is a selfless person,” said Chief Nursing Officer, Lisa Wallace. Upon receiving the award, Cathy humbly said, “None of my achievements could have been achieved without my amazing coworkers.”

Cathy has been an employee of Western Plains since 2005 and has been an ER nurse since 2007.

While working a full time job, she still finds the time to volunteer, participate and organize community activities, all while being a dedicated single mother to two 16 year old twin girls, Josephina and Elizabeth, and three rescued cats, Callie, Kenji, and Stanley. Cathy was born and raised in Dodge City, graduating from Dodge City High School in 1990. After high school, Cathy worked as a VIP Lounge Supervisor at the Las Vegas Hilton and as a Casino Host at the Flamingo in Kansas City. In December of 2003, Cathy decided to make the move back to Dodge City to raise her girls closer to family. This is when she made the decision to go to nursing school.

 “From day one, I watched Cathy take care of my loved one like she was her own grandmother,” a patient said. 

Cathy is not only competent in her nursing skills, but also kind and compassionate with every one of her patients. As an employee, she engages in problem solving when issues or projects are presented. Cathy is also a clinical ladder nurse, and a preceptor to new employees and new nurses. Cathy enjoys training the next generation of employees and nurses as they are working in real-life situations. “Cathy teaches that the care for a patient begin as soon as they walk through the door with the first impression,” said a coworker. Cathy is always willing to do whatever it takes to reach a goal, whether it be personal or work-related. She displays the same kind of compassion with her coworkers in time of need as she displays with her patients.

“Cathy gave me so much support by taking such amazing care of my daughter that for the first time I felt like I could relax and trust the care my daughter was getting. She will always by my MVP,” another patient said.

In a display of Cathy’s compassion for those who are less fortunate, six years ago she coordinated the “Silver Tree” during the Christmas season, and still continues doing so to this day.  She collects money, food and gifts for seniors in the community who would otherwise be alone during the holidays. This past Christmas season, they were able to give gifts to over 300 people in Dodge City.

In her freetime, Cathy enjoys doing crafts, especially with vinyl, acrylic, and resin. She enjoys spending time with her girls, going fishing, and concerts. She's a Kansas State University fan, (GO CATS!), and loves to grill and watch football. 

“These are only a few examples of Cathy’s heart and the humanity she possesses and displays on a regular basis, I know there are countless others that I have not personally witnessed. She is unselfish and humble and in giving, never asks for anything in return. I have seen her time and again instill these values into her daughters as well.”