Another COVID-19 Recovery Story!

June 15, 2020

“My God is so good. I know where I’m going when the time comes, but I guess God wasn’t quite ready for me yet,” Clyde Sober said as he was leaving Western Plains Medical Complex on Friday June 12.

Mr. Sober is an 82 year old man who entered Western Plains Medical Complex on June 2 after testing positive for COVID-19. After spending 11 days in the hospital, 9 of which were in the Intensive Care Unit, Mr. Sober was able to go home today to his family. Raul Lastimosa, MD, a Western Plains hospitalist, who was part of Sober’s care team, said, “We’re all so very thankful that Mr. Sober’s going home to his family. The nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, physicians – everyone, worked together to help him improve over the course of his stay in the hospital.”

This afternoon, Mr. Sober said with a smile, “After 62 years of marriage, I’m so ready to be home with my wife and give her a kiss – even if it’s through this mask!”

We hope you’ll join Western Plains Medical Complex in cheering on Mr. Sober and celebrating another true fighter!