Prep Talks

Do you have hip or knee replacement surgery scheduled? Or are you just considering hip or knee replacement? "PREP TALKS" were designed to help you prepare and know what to expect once your surgery is scheduled.

The class is held once a month, free of charge, at the WPMC Classroom. For class dates and times, call: (620) 225-4204.

Attending the class will provide you with:

  • Information on what to expect before, during and after surgery
  • An opportunity to meet other patients who will be having surgery
  • Introductions to the surgical, nursing and physical therapy teams
  • A chance to ask questions

Patients and their home support "coach" will receive an informative reference handbook that covers important topics that include:

  • What to do prior to surgery
  • What to bring to the hospital
  • Medication list
  • What to expect the day of surgery
  • What to expect the days following surgery
  • Leaving the hospital
  • Postoperative care
  • Recognizing and preventing complications

A "PREP TALKS" reference handbook, which is given to each attendee at the class, was designed by members of the hospital teams who are involved with each facet of your experience:

  • Anesthesia
  • Surgery
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
For more information, ask your doctor or call: (620) 225-4204.